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The Nelly Castro Story

Nelly Castro is a talented illustrator who has a passion for paper. She creates beautiful cards, notebooks and other paper products. It all started when she was looking for a card for her father in 2013 and couldn't find anything that appealed to her. So she picked up a pen and drew one herself. She drew a portrait of her father with his eyes closed and a heart-shaped mouth and wrote: "Thanks for everything, Dad". Her father was so thrilled with the card that he put it in a frame and hung it on the wall.

Nelly realised that she could make people happy with her drawings. She started making more cards and giving them to her friends and family. They were very taken with it and advised her to earn money with it. Nelly thought, "Why not?" and started her own label, Nelly Castro. She developed even more paper products and sold them online.
Over time, Nelly expanded her portfolio to include other products such as textiles, mugs and notebooks. She designed everything with her distinctive style and attention to detail.

Nelly's products became more and more popular and well-known. They are now sold in more than 500 shops in Europe and the world.
Since 2022, Nelly has been living and working in Valencia, Spain. She likes the city a lot and gets inspired by everything. She plans to open her own shop soon, where she can present her products and advise customers. She is looking forward to getting to know her customers and helping them capture special moments on paper.